Sunday, 15 July 2012

Me the Developer

I know the title does not suits the blog content at all, but trust me actually this is the last line which I wrote in this post... coming up with a good title is usually hard for me. Since this is my first post, I not going to post any java code or any other tech related stuff. Though my future posts will certainly be composed of code stuff. This post is majorly for just the taste of blogging. Any prior suggestions and comments are welcomed.

A little about me ....
I know this belongs more to "About Me" page, but anyways I am going to do it over here only. I am a Java developer, started out in September last year. I m not a "fundoo" geek as if now, but I know one day I will end up in that category since my craving for Java and other related technologies is ever growing.
Recently I have joined a project which comprises of Restful Web Services development. You may be saying whats new in this. This is such a hot topic that everyone is dirtying their hands in this, yes. 

Apart from coding I like to play soccer, read some leisure novels and also I am big fan of video games. But now I like to make games, how small or unattractive they might be I like making, than playing itself.

That's it for now.